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President’s Letter to the Community

June 2014




June 2, 2014

Greetings Neighbor,

In trying to keep you informed and have an open line of communication with the neighborhood, I was hoping to inform you about a few situations currently happening in the neighborhood. I have been quite busy getting acclimated to the position of LCPOA Board President, and I look forward to accomplishing tasks that will help secure and improve the unique character of Lake Country.

First of all, I appreciate meeting many of you at our events, conversing through phone calls or emails, and seeing you at the playground or boat launch facility. I appreciate your support and know that together we can progress in continuing to make Lake Country a great neighborhood to live in. The following are some situations I wanted to let you know about. Please feel free to call or email me seeking further information or to provide suggestions.

Main Entrances

You probably already have noticed, CVS Pharmacy bought Pioneer Grocery and some land from Lake Country Church. CVS is hoping to open their new store in October. LCPOA worked with the developer to reach an agreement on our fountain area at the entrance located at Lake Country Drive and Boat Club Road. The future plans of Boat Club Road look to include a turn lane which would make the fountain go away as the road would be widened. LCPOA will then work to construct a new wall and water feature that would be suitable to the remaining area at the intersection. I can assure you that the LCPOA wants to continue making it known that the intersection is an entrance to Lake Country.

There were many responses in the survey I put out in March that requested we improve the landscaping to our neighborhoods. We are in the process of looking at ways to update our entrances.


Statistically speaking, crime in Lake Country is minimal compared to the overall crime rate in the city. Even though the crime rate is statistically low in Lake Country, LCPOA has taken the stance that keeping Lake Country safe and secure is one of our top priorities.

We are currently installing an additional light pole and more signs at the boat launch facility. We are also considering the requirement that members be issued parking permits for vehicles utilizing the amenities so that it can be determined if the vehicle should be there. The reasons for these changes are because the waterfront park and boat launch facility has become a meeting area for some drug use, fight clubs, and vandalism. We also need to think about what these people causing crime are looking at as they drive through the neighborhood to meet at our private amenities that are funded by members. If criminals know they do not have a place to meet in Lake Country, they are less likely to even enter the neighborhood.

We have been able to get more patrols from the FWPD and have hired police officers at peak times to curb this activity. Mike Fisher (LCPOA Board Member) and I are currently going through the Code Blue Citizens on Patrol Training.

We hope that the combination of lighting, signs, parking permits, police presence, and volunteers involved with Code Blue will continue to deter crime in Lake Country. I would encourage you to stay up to date on crimes and criminals in our area. You can access this information through the Neighborhood Patrol Officer (NPO) link on our website at www.elcpoa.org


The Easter Egg Hunt was well attended. Even after a couple rain delays, we were finally able to hold the Easter Egg Hunt on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I think the kids had a great time!

We had our first ever LCPOA Family Night in the Park on May 16th. LCPOA served burgers and hotdogs. There were bounce houses for the kids and fun was had by everyone. There were many positive responses, and I hope for more neighborhood gatherings like this so that we can all get out and meet each other.

The upcoming LCPOA events are the Fishing Tournament on June 7th and of course the July 4th Parade.

Deed Restrictions

LCPOA enforces the Deed Restrictions that are assigned to our property in Lake Country. Please understand that we are just trying to maintain our property values and keep Lake Country as a desirable place to live for all residents. The Deed Restrictions are assigned to the property that we all purchased when we chose to move to Lake Country.

There are volunteers that monitor the neighborhood for violations to the Deed Restrictions. The volunteers try to be objective when looking for violations. The statement “my violation is not that big of deal” is something that the volunteers enforcing the Deed Restrictions cannot afford to entertain. LCPOA is trying to treat all residents as the same and not show any favoritism. We often hear “what about that guy down the street that has been in violation for years”. I can assure you that every resident is being treated the same. If you receive a violation notice, please just contact us or correct the violation.

As you may know, there were several residents of Lake Country that challenged in court whether or not LCPOA has the right to enforce Deed Restrictions. This lawsuit slowed the ability of LCPOA to continue enforcing Deed Restrictions but the court ruled in favor of LCPOA saying that we can enforce the Deed Restrictions. The appeals court has also affirmed that decision.

LCPOA recently sued one of the residents involved in this lawsuit because of the camper and trailer parked on their property. We tried to settle with this resident before the case went to court before thousands of dollars were spent. In the state of Texas, a resident found guilty of being in violation of Deed Restrictions is required to pay all legal fees for both sides. The resident refused our settlement offer. Subsequently, the court ruled in favor of LCPOA and awarded us $10,000 to pay for legal fees.  There will most likely be more of these situations as some residents refuse to correct their violation. We do not wish to see all these legal situations but believe it is necessary to maintain property values and keep Lake Country as a desirable place to live for all residents. We live in a neighborhood for many and hope that we can all understand that my property affects my neighbor.

In closing, I want to thank our members and volunteers of the LCPOA that put in a tremendous amount of time to help make Lake Country great. Without you, I believe Lake Country would deteriorate greatly because there would not be enough people to maintain our great neighborhood. If you have not joined LCPOA this year or want to get involved, I encourage you too!  By working together, we can look forward to enjoying our special neighborhood for years to come!



Brian Munk

LCPOA President


City of Fort Worth News


Neighborhood Police Officer - Weekly Crime Report

Posted Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Description: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-6S5w9SzipsQ/TsQZZHv4KDI/AAAAAAAANl0/eCa-32TEma4/s800/Read%20More.jpg

Description: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-oIa4P2a0QDw/Tl5lrarcVdI/AAAAAAAANAs/q0X0qfqBTUM/s800/Policeman1.png(Mon 8/25/2014 1:42 PM) -    Here is today’s report of offenses committed last week.  I think this format will work.

Officer Dan Darlow #2769
Neighborhood Patrol Officer
FWPD - D512
(817) 996-0406


Yard of the Month


Lake Country “Wild Flowers” Garden Club


Posted Sunday, August 24, 2014

Description: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-6S5w9SzipsQ/TsQZZHv4KDI/AAAAAAAANl0/eCa-32TEma4/s800/Read%20More.jpg

The Lake Country Wild Flowers Garden Club, Yard of the Month for August 2014 is at 8904 Crosswind Dr. The owners are Nicole and Collin Alexander. They have 2 children and have lived in Lake Country 5 years. They have worked hard transforming the yard into a beautiful landscape of lush St. Augustine grass, and colorful array of flowers and shrubs. Collin has a degree in Landscape Architecture and serves on the LCPOA green belt committee. Nicole and Collin will be teaching at Diamond High School this school year. Nicole will teach Family Consumer Science and Collin will teach Agriculture Science. Congratulations and thank you for adding to the beauty of Lake Country Estates.




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