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LCPOA  Santa Is Coming To Lake Country - Dec 6, 2-4pm

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Annual Holiday Lighting Contest


Presidents Letter to the Community September 2014

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Neighborhood Police Officer - Weekly Report

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LCPOA Events


LCPOA  Santa Is Coming To Lake Country
Dec 6th 2-4pm

Come, Share the Joy that Is


https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-zDdaaDD3NWw/TsjnaylfVYI/AAAAAAAANow/Vq9xjhYnxcE/s800/present%5B1%5D.gifSanta Is Coming To

Lake Country

Kids, Come And Tell Santa Your Christmas Wish List... Tell Him What Good Little Boys And Girls You Have Been All Year

Description: Description: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-2WB9IkAinHw/TsgpUF7vx7I/AAAAAAAANno/6MaOimwW2-8/s800/23%5B2%5D.jpg

Mr. Alan Cole - SantaConnection.net


December 6th

2:00-4:00 pm

At the

Lake Country Church Common Grounds Room

8777 Boat Club Road


The Lake Country Property Owners Association thanks the Lake Country Church for graciously hosting this event.


There will be cookies and drinks for all. Have your kid's picture taken with Santa and take your own too. There will be a cookie decorating station for the kids while they wait for pictures.

(Photos will be made available for free online after the event on our website)


Mom & Dad

Make Someone's Elses Christmas

Merry, Wonderful and Bright!

Please Bring A Non-Perishable Food Donation for Community Link.


Donations will be made to the Community Link through Fullness in Christ Church and be distributed to those in need through their benevolence program.

Event Info

Presented By the LCPOA Events Committee

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Local Area Events


Lake Country Wild Flowers Garden Club will be judging their Annual Holiday Lighting Contest the evening of December 14th starting at Dusk.




President’s Letter to the Community

September 2014




September 9, 2014

Greetings Neighbor,

Once again, I wish to keep you informed about a variety of happenings in the neighborhood. I assure you as a group of volunteers, we are working many hours to help keep and improve our neighborhood as one of the best in the area. The following are some situations I wanted to let you know about. Please feel free to call or email me seeking further information or to provide suggestions. I advise you to like us on Facebook as well to gain more information.


Golf Course


You may have seen the signs posted at the golf course in Lake Country stating that the Lake Country Church has purchased the property. LCPOA will continue to seek out information regarding the future plans Lake Country Church has for the property, but at this time we have no specific details for the future. When we have specific plans that can be shared, we will send communication to the neighborhood.


Boat Ramp


             I am pleased to announce that the Boat Ramp in Lake Country will undergo major improvements in the coming weeks. The Board has approved funding to take out the lower portion of the ramp and pour new concrete that will extend the ramp beyond the end of the boat docks. The new ramp will provide a consistent entry into the lake when launching boats. Unfortunately, the boat ramp will have to be closed for several weeks in September. Construction is planned to begin on Monday, September 15. Signs will be posted at the boat ramp as a reminder. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience the closing of the ramp will place on you, but this will dramatically improve the ease of using the ramp. We chose to do this project now because the lake is the lowest it has been this summer and hope to beat any fall rain that might bring the lake level up. In the end, the boat ramp will be in much better shape and I believe having the facility closed for several weeks to perform these improvements will be worth it.

            Over the summer, volunteers of the LCPOA repainted the yellow bollards at the boat ramp and all the parks signs in the neighborhood. All the trees and bushes at the Waterfront Park were trimmed by volunteers as well. Volunteers always pick up trash left behind by others. The area looks quite nice because of volunteers in the neighborhood.




            The installation of additional lighting and security at the Waterfront Park and Boat Ramp is complete. The combination of increased lighting and active monitoring of the area has diminished the undesirable traffic tremendously. The area has a much more safe feeling.

The idea of parking permits for the Waterfront Park is still being discussed so that vehicles can be more identifiable in determining whether or not they are from the neighborhood. Please view this as a safety improvement rather than a hindrance to use the facility.

            There is some mischief happening in the neighborhood like stolen flower pots and stealing of possessions from cars. It is important we are all aware of our surroundings and never hesitate to let the police know if we see something that does not seem right.




            We have had several inquiries about the amount of mosquitos in the neighborhood and a concern of them carrying West Nile. LCPOA has contacted the city and is currently asking for a trap to be set up in the neighborhood so that the mosquitos in our area are tested for West Nile. The city will not spray unless a mosquito is found to be positive with West Nile.


Illegal Dumping and Trash


            A consistent battle in Lake Country is the illegal dumping of trash (mainly building materials) in the open property north of Lake Country Drive, close to the intersection with Glen Hollow Dr. We have consistently contacted the City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Office about illegal dumping and they have been out several times to clean the area. If you see vehicles dumping trash or brush at the property please contact police or code compliance at (817) 392-1234 with descriptions of the vehicle and a license plate if possible. The illegal dumping of trash in our neighborhood does detract from the beauty of our neighborhood.

There are several Board Members and residents of Lake Country that have spent countless hours walking the streets to pick up trash people throw on the sides of the road in our neighborhood. I would encourage you to do the same. I assure you "We Do Care" as evident in the time spent volunteering time.


Tall Grass and Broken Fences


           Speaking of "We Do Care". I have received a couple of letters sent to me signed "Those Who Care". The letters have referenced the property at Lake Country Drive and Trailridge Dr There are concerns about the high grass, high weeds, and broken fence. The property does not belong to LCPOA but I assure you many hours have been spent working to get the property in respectable shape. We have consistently contacted the utility companies, city of Fort Worth, and the property owner about mowing and fixing the fence. In reality, it takes time to get people to take care of these situations. After the last letter received for an anonymous resident, I took my son and another Board Member to personally fix the fence. I don't know if this pleased the resident that sent the anonymous letter but please know we continue to try and get them to mow the area and maintain their property.




In closing, I want to again thank our members and volunteers of the LCPOA that put in a tremendous amount of time to help make Lake Country great. They spend many hours outside the work day away from their families in trying to preserve and improve Lake Country. Without them, I believe Lake Country would deteriorate greatly because there would not be enough people to maintain our great neighborhood. If you would like to get involved, please let me know by calling me at (817) 566-2963 x715 or click here to send a message.




Brian Munk

LCPOA President


City of Fort Worth News


Neighborhood Police Officer - Weekly Crime Report

Posted Monday, December 01, 2014


Description: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-6S5w9SzipsQ/TsQZZHv4KDI/AAAAAAAANl0/eCa-32TEma4/s800/Read%20More.jpg

Description: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-oIa4P2a0QDw/Tl5lrarcVdI/AAAAAAAANAs/q0X0qfqBTUM/s800/Policeman1.png(Mon 12/1/2014 10:36 AM) -    Here is today’s report of offenses committed in our area last week (November 22nd through November 28th 2014).  The numbers are down, which is always good to see.  I want everyone to remember during this holiday shopping season to stay safe and protect your selves and your homes.  Also, please be mindful of those who have a tendency to become depressed as Christmas approaches, and others who may be in desperate need.  Let us know of any who have severe needs.  We may be able to help. 

Officer Dan Darlow #2769
Neighborhood Patrol Officer
FWPD - D512
(817) 996-0406


Yard of the Month


Lake Country “Wild Flowers” Garden Club


Posted Monday, December 1, 2014

Description: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-6S5w9SzipsQ/TsQZZHv4KDI/AAAAAAAANl0/eCa-32TEma4/s800/Read%20More.jpg

The Lake Country Wildflowers Garden Club Yard of the Month for November 2014 has been chosen.  It is the home of Nora Donovan and Lee Henderson at 8508 McCormick Court. They have lived in the home since 1997 and both enjoying gardening. Their lawn is healthy and green, and many flowers are in bloom making for a colorful display for November. 




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